Update: Visit Traffic Research for the most up-to-date Google recovery process which includes Panda Breakthrough and Penguin Breakthrough (and a whole lot more).

Update 2: My newest venture is the On-Page optimization tool designed for SEO professionals that want better Google rankings. From optimizing a page to perfection to creating thousands of highly optimized articles, the On-Page tool can help you. We’re also publishing quite a bit of content within the On-Page SEO blog.

3,500+ Hours of Testing Reveal The Only Emergency Guide to Permanently Repairing & Reversing Damage From Panda and Penguin. Verified by 484 Business Owners In 4 Years

Hi I’m Eric Lancheres,

If you’re reading this now, it might already be too late.

You’ve been unfairly targeted by Google’s Panda & Penguin in 2019… and I can tell you that no event in history has crushed more online businesses than these two monsters.

While Google has been spinning this as a “quality update” to promote more “relevant” search results… it has ignored the obvious fact that casually changing their rules for ranking without warning is devastating businesses, families… and possibly the economy as a whole.

Look below what happened to a legitimate web development company that was doing everything by the book yet still fell into Panda’s crosshairs…


And look below at the scary drop in traffic this electronic hardware firm had… (who – by the way – was completely was completely “white hat” but lost absolutely all traffic literally overnight!).

If the time period for this graph was for anything but Panda & Penguin, you’d assume the website had an outage because nothing else could sink a good business’s traffic like this. I could throw hundreds of more examples at you, they come in all shapes and form but the end result is the same: A huge traffic loss.

Do you know what’s even scarier than that?

Once Google has decided to take your business down, it only gets worse… and worse… and until it’s nearly impossible to undo the destruction of your site.

You want to find out right away if your site
is close to the Point of No Return.

If Google’s Panda update or Penguin update have robbed you of your traffic… stolen your revenue…. and threatened the very existence of your business (and almost forced you to go back to a slave waging 9am to 5pm job…) then this is the most important conversation you and I could have right now.

Have Any of These Tragedies Happened After Panda & Penguin Robbed You Blind?

Wondering if you’ll have to close up shop for good because you don’t know if you’ll be able to generate enough sales to stay afloat for the next few months…

Frustrated that you
thought you were following the rules but then Google yanked the rug from under you as if you were “cheating”…

Watched your statistics drop day after day…
week after week…
and knowing it’s
just going to
get worse…

Posting on SEO forums or even buying cheap products from so-called “experts” just to fail again and again in getting your traffic back (and feeling embarrassed that nothing you do seems to work)…

Having to explain to family why your business is tanking… and having no one understand
and some even suspect you are being punished for doing something shady

Let’s first get something straight:

Panda & Penguin are Not Only Hitting Shady
Marketers, But Also Crushing White-Hat
Businesses and Even Charities!

Who is Eric Lancheres

  • #1 Most Respected SEO Expert in the Internet Marketing Space
  • Speaker at Ryan Deiss’ Traffic & Conversion Summit on Panda and Penguin (One of the only guest speakers allowed at the event)
  • Has Ranked #1 for ultra-competitive terms such as “natural acne cure,” “baggies”, “Gaming PC” “how to pick up girls,” and “seduction books”
  • Creator of legendary SEO Secret Sauce Programs

I have clients of all niches and categories. One client is a local friend who helps cancer patients find recovery and has links from CNN, MSNBC…

Guess that wasn’t enough for Google because they stole 60% of his traffic… Now patients in desperate need can’t even find him…

Because of both marketing schemes and honest-to-god paranoia, there is a ton of misinformation on what Panda & Penguin are, who they affect, and most importantly… how to turn it around.

It’s beyond just having a bunch of inbound links or likes on Facebook.

In fact, you might be actually wasting your time building links because Google likely has a problem with your site itself, not just your link profile.

“Building extra links” to recover from Panda is like spinning the wheels on a car that’s dragging a huge anchor.

It’s an invisible force that’s constantly pulling you back and making it impossible for you to ever win.

The Only Way to Reverse Panda & Penguin Is to
Use the Proven Method Based on Thousands
of Hours of Real-World Testing

To tell you the truth, I used to be a full time affiliate marketer, and when Panda first hit, I was devastated and lost over 90% of my income in the span of a month.

That’s a serious wake-up call when you’re thinking of starting a family and buying a house (I can hardly imagine what it would have been like if I actually DID have a house and a family to support).

I thought I had it all figured out, I had expert writers, an editor, full time link builders and I had been dominating the search engines. When Panda came along, I had to let everyone go in a heartbreaking layoff. I wound up completely alone. Even my long-term girlfriend left me because I was so stressed out from not being able to pay my bills.

Even though I knew Google’s algorithm changes were what destroyed my business, on some level I felt it was all my fault. I was utterly depressed, humiliated, and on the verge of absolute poverty.

I had finally hit rock bottom in both my life and my career.

What’s more is I had friends with e-commerce, review sites, and service sites that absolutely depended on me to help them and were also being eaten alive by the Google algorithm changes…

…And I had nothing to offer them because there was no solution available.
I couldn’t look them in the eye and tell them they would soon be losing everything with no hope in sight…

It was this moment, when I realized that my actual survival depended on beating Penguin and Penguin. If I didn’t figure out how to recover my sites, I wouldn’t be able to eat, period.

I vowed on everything I believed in that I would find a way to guarantee that anyone with any business could bounce back to higher traffic levels and get the sales they need to stay afloat and thrive, not just survive!

I pooled together all my resources… borrowed money when I had to… and ran hundreds of tests and spent thousands of dollars experimenting with my own sites to figure this out. Most tests didn’t work and I wasted hundreds of hours with theories that ended up hurting the sites more than they helped.

However, about 1 out of 10 tests did have an impact. And each little thing that helped, I wrote down and put into my new recovery plan.

Everything had to work quickly, easily, and every time.

If a Panda recovery technique got me to #4 spot and I used to be #2, it wasn’t good enough.

If a new tactic got me 1200 visitors a day and I used to have 1500… that wasn’t good enough either.

I demanded to myself that I would not rest until I had a top to bottom solution to bring as much or more organic traffic as I had before Panda & Penguin. I tried so many things over countless sleepless nights that mid-way through testing, I went through a full out burnout that had me bed-ridden for an entire month.

These were the darkest times of my life and the only glimmers of hope came when a test would show some signs of promise that I was slowly moving in the right direction.

Even from bed, I continued to test between resting. (Against the doctor’s advice)

And after literally thousands of hours, hundreds of tests, and a bit of luck…

I cracked the code My sites got all their traffic back… and more…





may google traffic recovery

panda march recovery

panda recovery 2015

penguin recovery 2014

My clients got all their traffic back… and more…

I was quickly named the SEO Doctor because of all my success in reversing Panda & Penguin… forever.

And now… I am going to help you do the same.

Introducing: Eric Lancheres’ Panda & Penguin Recovery Method

The Only Panda & Penguin Rescue Plan that
Guarantees High Traffic or Your Money Back

Panda & Penguin Recovery is a quick, emergency program on how you can turn things around immediately to start getting back the traffic your business depends on.

At the SEO Rockstars Event in September, I was given the podium to teach how to solve the Penguin & Panda problem once and for all.

If you’re wondering why they chose me for this, it’s not because I was the most famous SEO expert. It’s because I’m the only one who had figured it out.

I only had two hours to explain what I had discovered… and afterwards, several attendees came up to me and demanded more.

While I had a $600+ six hour course out already on how to defeat Panda and Penguin for good, I knew that not every company had the time to go through that before handling their traffic problems.

Some might not survive long enough to watch the full online DVD set, so I needed to provide something shorter… to the point… with the top seven strategies to quickly turn things around and get you profiting again.

I created Panda & Penguin Recovery… a full recording of my two hour emergency class … so you can get everything you need at once to get started on fixing your traffic and restoring your profits.

This is a program where you get full instructional step-by-step videos on how to completely and quickly reverse any damage your website and business has gone through, and put on you on a path to prospering more than ever before

This includes…

Total Panda Recovery Live –
Recorded Class

You’ll find out why your site got hit with Panda and how a few adjustments will turn things around in a matter of days so you can go back to business as usual. This presentation is the ‘must-have’ information based on the full six-DVD’s worth of “Panda Breakthrough” program. This is the same information that people have paid over $2,000 to see at conferences around the world.

Total Penguin Recovery Live –
Recorded Class

You’ll find out the hidden truth about this raging beast (including what Google doesn’t want you to know), and how to get back on track and profiting big. (Most will come down to 3 quick fixes you’ll learn right away). This is the exact method I used to recover client review sites, information sites and six-figure e-commerce sites.

Videos Of Previous Site Reviews with Exact Instructions for What to Do

You’ll see a handful of real-world site examples including websites with the same business type as yours so you will know exactly what I would recommend if I was looking over your shoulder for a $10,000 private consult on what you should do right away to get your search engine traffic back to its highest peak.

In this complete Panda & Penguin Recovery set, you’ll learn…
  • Why every site you own is affected by Panda whether you know it or not. (Find out whether your site is being robbed blind of new traffic it should have).
  • Why your backlinks are not getting as much Google-credit as they did a year or two ago. (And how you can reverse it so you instantly get all the power your backlinks used to have)
  • How to tell if an older site you have is about to get spanked (losing all its traffic) and the 3 steps you can do right now to make sure that doesn’t happen.
  • The 3 types of business models that Google HATES and will never send traffic to no matter what rules you follow.
  • How to keep running your business exactly the same while getting 2-3x more traffic (it just takes a couple small tweaks)
  • Why Panda may be the best thing to ever happen to your business (I didn’t realize it at the time, but there is massive hidden opportunity here!)
  • The only fool-proof, practical algorithm you can use to predict how well your site will rank. (Hint: It’s _____/100 x _____= Your Rank)
  • How you can get almost all your traffic in 72 hours by following Google’s unspoken “honor system” code.
  • Affiliate Site Strategies to get your traffic doubling within a few weeks… even if your site is entirely made of affiliate links.
  • 5 moderate tweaks you can make to your website that are worth 1,000 backlinks to your Google reputation.
  • How you can do all of this in days without adding any new content OR backlinks!
  • What it means if your SEO traffic jumps up and down randomly without you changing a thing. (It’s so obvious to owners of this course and you’ll never be fooled by this again)
  • How to maximize every link you get so you can spend less time building links and more time growing your income.
  • The real difference between “High Quality Content” and outsourced articles (It’s not what you think and when you know this secret, you can take any outsourced article and turn it into “high quality content” in minutes)
  • The Real Deal with all those “filler pages” like Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, and Contact Us. (These pages can either be extremely important or unbelievably harmful, depending how you follow this.)
  • The Magic Number Google is looking for in your site that will let them forgive you for even the most shameful SEO violations.
  • All the “quick fixes” you need to get on Google’s “good side” (You can either be going with the flow or swim against the current. The choice is yours.)
  • Why re-doing your content is a colossal waste of time if you do it wrong and will do NOTHING to get your traffic back.
  • The only way you can do all of this without making Google think you’re gaming the system (This is what got you in trouble in the first place!)
  • The 3 or 4 sections on your site that are crippling your traffic (And these are the last ones you’d expect.)
  • The 3 things eCommerce sites need to know that info-marketing sites should absolutely ignore.
  • What affiliates need to know before recommending anything… even if you’ve already disclosed you’re an affiliate.
  • What web templates are safe and what templates will lump you in with the spammers and scammers Google is trying to crush.
  • Why no page of your site is safe until you correct these five on-site elements.
  • What you can do in ten minutes only that could possibly get 50% of your lost traffic back almost overnight.
  • How many seconds your site has to load before Google decides to cut you completely from the rankings.
  • The truth about your bounce rate and why it is NOT about “leaving after one page” anymore.
  • How Social Media Buttons can either help or ruin your site, depending on these two factors.
  • A Completely Google-Compliant tactic you can use with your header image to demolish Panda’s effect on your traffic. (I still cannot believe Google allows this but they have publicly given their blessing)
  • How you can dramatically increase time-on-site by having a user click up to 10 times in a single article (This will make your blog look like the most fascinating, informative site on earth… and Google will reward you)
  • What s you absolutely must avoid in order to get your site full of buying visitors.
  • Internal Linking Structure secrets that will cause an immediate bump in traffic and profits…
  • How to rank #1 with FAR less backlinks than your competitor.
  • The only way to “resurrect” a site that has been DEAD for an entire year.
  • How to use Panda as a good thing to soar past your competitors and steal their customers! (Bet you never thought you’d be thanking Panda, huh?)
  • Why Penguin is dramatically different from Panda and why treating them the same will be the nail that puts your site permanently in the coffin.
  • The 3 things every site owner hit with Penguin is doing… (and how to take care of it quickly and easily)
  • Why things Google told you to do three years ago are now murdering your rankings (and the key to fixing all of this so your site can prosper).
  • When to actually talk to Google and request a review of your site. Most entrepreneurs do this way too early and utterly destroy their chances for redemption.
  • What to do if Google has already rejected your reconsideration request. (This tip alone could save your site from permanently being shut out of business)
  • Optional Black Hat “Quick-Acceleration” Methods for the bold and daring. (I will always tell you which tactics are risky and which tactics are White as Snow)
  • How to keep yourself completely in the safe zone so Google executive Matt Cutts could look over your shoulder and approve of everything you do.

You get all of this in two hours of streaming video which you can watch any time at your own convenience from any computer with internet access.

Since you can watch as many times as you like, you can take notes to share with your team to make sure you constantly have that free organic traffic flowing.

Will This Still Work after the
NEXT Big Google Update?

Yes, everything I am going to teach you will work as Google continues to roll out updates for both Panda and Penguin, as well as anything else.


Because Panda & Penguin Recovery teaches you what Google thinks is a high-quality site beyond the tricks and appearance factors you may be used to working with.

Google wants your site to be “what your audience is searching for,” and what I am giving you are ways to prove to Google that this is so.

This is constantly being updated and once you’re inside the program, you will see for yourself how powerful this is. So if you’re looking for solutions to any Panda or Penguin problem, I have you covered.

Is this Black Hat or White Hat?

You never have to worry about whether Google would approve of the tactics we’re using in Panda & Penguin Recovery.


Because 98% of what is inside your course is Completely White Hat, and the remaining 2% are Black Hat Tools you can use or not use.

I’ve made sure that everything you need to do to reverse Panda and Penguin are included in the White Hat portion, so you can consider the Black Hat to be like an optional higher-risk segment of a stock portfolio.

It puts a little more gas in your engine and lets you accelerate your recovery. That’s it.

Success Stories from Eric’s
Panda & Penguin Recovery Method

Back to page #1 for the keyword “gaming pc” in Canada (It was ranking in position #380+ when Penguin hit)

(Click To Perform The Search)

Even MORE Success Stories from Eric’s
Panda & Penguin Recovery Clients

“Recovered 5 Sites in 30 days!”
Panda & Penguin Recovery Clients

“Brought 3 Sites to 5,000+ Visitors!”

“Eric is the Best SEO Guy Out There!”

“Eric really knows his stuff”

“Eric rocks the boat – On page Optimization,
he’s the man”

“Super excited to implement his strategies.
Eric’s awesome and I highly recommend him”

“Incredible Step by Step plan to recover from
Panda and Penguin. Absolutely amazing!”

“Nothing short of mind blowing”

Even MORE Success Stories from Eric’s
Panda & Penguin Recovery Clients

At this point, you are looking at the only sure-fire and frankly, idiot-proof Panda & Penguin Recovery plan in existence. I could charge you a full month’s revenue and still sleep at night because I know you’ll make many times that back.

But still… here is the market value of every component of Panda & Penguin Recovery

But you’re not going to pay $941

Or $697

Or even $497… Which would be MORE than fair

You’re Going to Pay Only $268.95 for
the ENTIRE Panda Live-Recovery
& Penguin Live- Recovery Program!

If you think that price is ridiculous, I might be forced to agree with you.

I actually cannot… in good conscience, keep this product at this price for long.

When you have clients paying you $1,000, $5,000 and $10,000 for consultations (Update: No longer available), you have to wonder… Is it fair to practically give this information away while others are paying an arm and a leg for it?

The truth is, one of the reasons I’m selling this information at $268.95 is because I lived through this myself and truly want to help people like you recover from this horrible situation.

And… to let you in on a little secret… I also want to begin a longer relationship with you based on trust and results.

You see, I’m not the kind of guy who just puts out an internet marketing product on Clickbank and looks for a passive income. I’m a high-end SEO expert and once you get to know me and see what I have to offer, I’m confident you’re going to want my help with more of your business and revenue goals.

$268 doesn’t go that far these days and I certainly can’t make a living from it. It does however allow us to begin a relationship where I can prove to you beyond a shadow of a doubt that I can help you with your traffic.

My best clients are those who have started with me with a single program and gotten to know me over time, and I want to cultivate an ongoing professional relationship with people committed to maximizing their profits from SEO.

But I can only do this for a little while. Once I have developed a core group to work with, I am going to yank this product off the market again and only sell high-end ($5,000+) corporate training programs.

You will be in the “lucky few” who got this at a microscopic fraction of the price. Don’t waste your only opportunity for this.

How Do I Know This Will Work?

I can respect you wanting to be absolutely sure that Panda & Penguin Recovery – Live is not only worth your time, but also worth your absolute 100% confidence that your business will start turning around as soon as you get started.

So let’s look at the evidence;

We’ve got over seven people giving raw, unedited video testimonials, putting their names and reputations on the line… saying this works…

We’ve got live screenshots of people doubling and tripling their current traffic levels in a matter of days…

We’ve got live footage of traffic recoveries being done in days…

We’ve got pictures of me speaking on Panda and Penguin at SEO Rockstars, the Austin Internet Marketing Party… being endorsed by the queen of SEO, Dori Friend, Matthew Carter, David Gonzalez, Ezra Firestone (Who has the #1 Marketing Podcast in Australia on Itunes) and many many more…

We’ve got pictures of me speaking to the 2,000-person crowd at Traffic & Conversion Summit and being fully endorsed as the go-to person by Ryan Deiss’ team.

So either this is the greatest marketing conspiracy ever put together in the history of mankind… or Panda & Penguin Recovery is the real deal.

But just to make you absolutely certain that this is the most powerful quick-start program you can get…

You are 100% Protected by My “Get Your Traffic Back”
180 Days Money-Back Guarantee

I know you take your business very seriously and any expense has to be justified.

I want to make this as risk-free for your business as humanly possible.

If you have a business partner, I want them assured they’re in good hands.

If you have an employer, I want them to know there is zero risk to this purchase.

So for 180 days, you can go through the Panda & Penguin Recovery Live Presentations, based on the best-selling Panda Breakthrough program and see the results you get.

Truth be told, you can go through this course in a matter of hours, but it can take a few days or weeks for you to see the increase in Google Traffic.

So let me be straight up with you:

If you watch Panda & Penguin Recovery – Live and don’t feel you got your money’s worth, contact me for a full refund.

If you watch Panda & Penguin Recovery – Live and in 180 days, you don’t have more highly converting Google traffic than you ever dreamed… request a full refund.

And if you watch Panda & Penguin Recovery – Live, get loads of traffic, higher sales, greater revenues… but you don’t like my Canadian accent, then request a full refund.

This is an unusually liberal refund policy and I’m not worried about getting scammed. I trust you and know that once you get even 10 minutes into Panda Live-Recovery & Penguin Live-Recovery, you’ll know this is the best business purchase you’ve made all year.

So go ahead and register for Panda & Penguin Recovery right now.

To be honest, my other program designed for agencies cost $10000 and above, so this is your only chance to
have access to information like this for under a thousand dollars. This offer can, once
again, be yanked down at any time if I get overloaded. (And it will happen… Even my
high-end six DVD “Panda Breakthrough” is sold-out as of this writing)

And Just to Make it Even Easier for You…

Bonus! –Panda Live-Recovery and
Penguin-Live Recovery on MP3’s to
Listen to in Your Car or iPod

Value: $107

If you feel pressed for time and want to digest this information as fast as possible, then I recommend you download the MP3 versions of the videos and listen to them in your car or on your iPod while traveling.

This will let you get results way ahead of time and also let you refresh yourself on what you need to know about Google traffic after you watch the videos.

Plus, I understand some people just like audio better.

This is a very limited bonus because I prefer when people watch the actual videos because I want to make sure that my material is very well understood. This will disappear quickly so I suggest you take advantage of this right now.

You Have to Order Now Before
Google Rips Your Business Apart

Look, right now, you know what you have to do.

For each day that goes by, Google is tightening up how hard it is to get back on their “good side” post-Panda & Penguin.

It wants you to follow rules it never gave you.

And each day you keep your website as it is (or try other things that don’t work), Google becomes colder… and more severe…

Until it is nearly impossible to get traffic from them ever again.

So what you have to do right now… not when you get off work… not after dinner… and certainly not tomorrow… is click the button below and Order Right Now.

You’ll be taken to my secure order page where your payment will be processed by a third party that looks like this:

Once you have paid and it clears, you will get instant access to all of the streaming videos at once.

Then in a few days or weeks of implementing the material, you know what happens next…

Imagine checking your analytics in the morning and what you see…

Your traffic at record high levels…

Google sending you non-stop web visitors that are looking for exactly what your site offers… so not only is your organic traffic soaring but so are your conversions and sales.

You can relax and know that your traffic needs are taken care of… your company’s expenses are easy to pay off…

And your bank account continues to rise up… affording you the lifestyle you know you deserve…

You can proudly tell your family and friends that “Business is doing just fine… great actually…” and let them wonder what you did to comfortably be able to get that nice new car or vacation you’ve been wanting for a while…

But you have to act now or this is all just a wishy-washy dream that doesn’t mean a damn thing if your company is leaking money from lost traffic.

So get up and do what’s necessary for your company.

Get it below:

YES… I am ready to order Panda & Penguin Recovery for only $268.95 and enjoy the highest Google traffic I’ve ever received within weeks or even days!

I understand I get to instantly access to the program where I get:

  • Panda Recovery – Live – Streaming Video valued at $497
  • Penguin Live-Recovery – Live – Streaming Video valued at $297
  • Videos Of Previous Site Reviews with Exact Instructions for What to Do – Streaming Video valued at $147

I know if I order right away I will also get:

  • Bonus: Panda Recovery – Live & Penguin –Recovery – Live in Audio Format – Downloadable MP3’s valued at $107

Even though the value of all of the above adds up to $941, I get this one-time only value for only $268.95.

I understand all of this is 100% Money-Back Guaranteed for 180 Days and I am entitled to a full refund for any reason or no reason

P.S. – If you do not take the right action and order this, I have to honestly say your business is getting what you deserve. I’ve laid out proof, numerous success stories, plus a (frankly excessive) 180-Day guarantee to shoulder all the risk for you.If that’s not enough for you, I have to question if you want your business to fail… which it will if you do not take action and fix it immediately.

This is my last warning. If you miss out on this opportunity to make your site Panda & Penguin proof and get all your traffic back, do not contact me for a consult (Update: No longer available) because I am only spending my time with clients who actually care about their business and who take the right steps to fix it. So let’s stop talking about it and get right to getting your business back to higher traffic levels and boosting your revenue. I’m ready if you are.

P.P.S. – Google is counting on you not buying this. It’s the only hope they have that you’ll give up on ever ranking again and resort to buying AdWords ads instead. Don’t let them win.