Frequently Asked Questions

Panda Breakthrough is a revolutionary program that recovers sites of all types (information, review, e-commerce, comparison, affiliate) and all sizes.

Q. How long does it take for a recovery to occur?
A. Panda is updated in cycles and once the changes have been made on your site, you must wait for a “Panda refresh” to occur. This generally takes 3-4 weeks.

Q. How up-to-date is Panda Breakthrough?
A. The program is constantly being updated and the members receive weekly updates on all the latest SEO changes. As far as I know, it is the most up-to-date SEO information available on the web with new updates constantly being added.

  • +15 Updates (and counting) in 2016*
  • +24 Updates in 2015*
  • +15 Updates in 2014*
  • +14 Updates in 2013

* Part of the Traffic Research section

Q. How can I be sure my site has been affected by Panda and not some other update?
A. If your site has seen a massive drop in traffic around a Panda Update day and you do not have a message in your webmaster tools, then you were most likely hit by Panda. If you aren’t sure, feel free to ask me.

Q. Do you guarantee a Panda recovery?
A. Yes, Panda Breakthrough guarantees the techniques inside work and if you are unable to recover your site, we’ll refund you your order. It comes with 60-day, 100% money back guarantee.

Q. Can you recover my site for me?
A. Yes, please visit our consultation page to schedule a recovery with a Panda Breakthrough certified expert.

Q. How will I receive Panda Breakthrough?
A. Panda Breakthrough is delivered online. You receive instant access the entire Panda and Penguin program, latest daily updates and many more bonuses (E-commerce bonuses, Authority links, Secret Sauce SEO and much more).

Q. How long would it take to implement the changes in the system on an affiliate site? I own about 10 affiliate sites that each contain about 50 pages of content. I really don’t have the time to implement something tedious like “re-write every article on your website.” Are the changes very work-intensive?
A.  The changes don’t involve re-writing your content but instead presenting it differently. If you have 10 affiliate sites (with wordpress?) then I strongly recommend the product because you’ll get a lot out of it.
You DO have to put some time into it, but the reward is more profits. Seems like a good trade to me.

Q.  How reliable is this process?
A. This process has been done over and over again and provide consistent results. I offer a 100% money back guarantee it doesn’t work for you. If there’s an exception, I haven’t seen it yet. So far, it has worked flawlessly for the Panda Breakthrough members and myself.

Q. What’s the feedback so far?
A. People are loving it so far. People like Matthew Carter have gone through the program and immediately started implementing the content on their own private sites. So far, everyone has said it was GREAT content, useful stuff… things they had never seen before.